Artist statement

In both the themes I choose to explore and the way I go about it, there is a scientific crossover in the way I learn and create artwork.

The work I do is part of an ongoing investigation into the relationship between order and chaos. When drawing, I start by either dropping ink or selecting a growth pattern such as branching or cell division, I apply the behaviour to the pen and repeat the pattern, working it into the ink as I go. This self-similarity approach to drawing will allow an image to emerge with no preconceived idea of the final result. I have expanded the process to include fluid mediums including paint, ink, along with more obscure chemicals such as, silicone, alcohol, saline solution, polymers, cleaning products, consumables and so on. This presents the opportunity to incorporate elements like force, temperature and chemical reaction.

Our minds try to make sense of our personal experiences. We look for imagery in the clouds, and try to find meaning in random events. We are wired to learn and discover as we grow. The work I do is my way of exploring emergence; of how a decision or series of decisions effect a particular outcome. I find it fascinating that when presented with the same image or event, each individual will perceive something different depending on their own experiences or expectations.

Behind randomness, the process I use is ordered and follows basic rules. By experimenting with simple forms, chemicals and processes and recreating the way they behave in nature, I allow order and chaos to play out in a sporadic way to bring about an image.

About Me

I am an emerging artist living in Cambridgeshire. Due to circumstances involving one of my children and a traumatic brain injury, I began my current practice as a way to cope with the neurological rehabilitation that has consumed family life. This experience feeds heavily into my process and it has meant that, in order to continue my practice, I work from an art studio we built at home.

I was awarded my degree in Fine Art with honours from the Cambridge School of Art and have exhibited in Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire. I work in association with Cambridge Open Studios and regularly exhibit as member of the Cambridge Drawing Society. I have worked in collaboration with a variety of scientists in Cambridge.

My work has been exhibited in artistic, scientific, and therapeutic settings. I take commissions and welcome opportunities to collaborate with scientists and artists.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the work you see here or would like to visit to view more examples of my work, please feel free to contact me.